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MRC Compose va évoluer !

Depuis la version 1.8 d’avril 2015, MRC Compose avait peu évolué, juste des mises à jour pour suivre Thunderbird.

Ces derniers mois, des utilisateurs m’ont demandé d’améliorer MRC Compose pour qu’il fonctionne avec d’autres extensions, notamment Cardbook et Enigmail. J’ai pris contact avec les développeurs de ces modules et nous allons travailler à une solution ! Cela prendra sûrement plusieurs mois, mais ce sera une évolution conséquente.

Work on MRC Compose

MRC Compose is a Thunderbird extension that modify the address panel in the compose window. It replaces the default list by standards fields, where you can add several recipients separated by comma. With that, Thunderbird behaves just like all other email software…

mrc compose

I wrote this extension months ago (last version is from March 30, 2013). And since, some work has been done : Andreas Wagner kindly added LDAP support ! And last week, I refactored search code to have rock-solid searches (both local and LDAP).

There are still some few tasks in the TODO list, but I hope there’ll be a new version very soon.

You can check it :



Work on Sogo Connector

I had opportunity to work on SoGo Connector for Thunderbird in order to correct and enhance it :

The correction was related to a sync problem with IceWarp server, because of an info missing in the CardDAV spec (how to handle a specific empty response) (

And the enhancement was quite interesting : I added periodic sync and notifications ! For each remote addressBook, you can define sync&notifications properties.

Here is a screenshot :

Remote Address Book Properties_049

I sent the patch to Sogo devs ( I hope both patches will be integrated soon.