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QtCreator IDE for LibreOffice

I worked on using QtCreator IDE for LibreOffice :

Thanks to Arnaud who finalized the gerrit validation.

Here is an album of screenshots (similar to Bjoern’s video with KDevelop) :

1 : Opening QtCreator with ‘sw’ project file

2 : In the locator (ctrl+k), you can search classes


3 : After choosing « SwInsertBookmarDlg » in locator


4 : There are others way to view code, here is the Class View
(but I still don’t know how to open the ClassView on a specific class from the source code panel)


5 : Here are the predefined build settings


6 : To debug, just add a breakpoint in the code


7 : Then start the debugger (the green triangle with a bug) : QtCreator launches LibreOffice


8 : As soon as the breakpoint is reached, QtCreator is back to front with all graphical tools to debug
Tip : the default behavior for the green triangle buttons (run /debug) is to execute ‘make’ before ‘run’ or ‘debug’. But there are menus items ‘run without deploy’ and ‘debug without deploy’ that allows to run/debug last compiled version if you have already modified source code.