uTranslate : version 0.2 submitted to AppStore !

Yesterday, I could create version 0.1 and upload it on AppStore !

And today, I finally created version 0.2 of uTranslate :

  • list of suggestions has correct text size, correct clip
  • list of suggestions has a visual effect when selecting an element
  • lang selector has flags without visual artefact (it was related to the fact that icons have to be square images)
  • added an information for user if network error

Unfortunately, it seems the U1db storage works only on the desktop.
After tests, some problems appear with OSK  in landscape mode : it seems that the ‘tap/click’ event is propagated to other widgets.

Here are some screenshots taken from my Nexus 7 :

uTranslate5-1     uTranslate5-2

In landscape mode :


A new visual effect when selecting a suggestion :