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uTranslate : first week, screenshots !

Here are the results of one week of work on uTranslate !

QML is really a fantastic technology ! It’s the first time that I use a tool that seems to be perfect for GUI coding. It’s light years better than other I used : MacApp, HTML+CSS+JS, XUL. In my opinion, it’s on par with Apple’s tools (InterfaceBuilder) while being different : QML allows to write controller’s code beside or even inside the UI declaration ; while InterfaceBuilder clearly separates UI and code (well, last time I used IB was few years ago).

So I created foundations : basic UI (2 tabs + a shared context), handling of ajax request to glosbe server, language selection, basic user interaction.

And you’ll see that everything remains to be done about layout&convergence : that’s the subject for next week ;-)

Here is the default screen :


As soon as you type, you see suggestions :


If you tap on a suggestion, it chooses the suggestion and perform search :


Whenever you switch to tab « Definition », you keep your search and suggestions :



If you change the destination language,  the translation is performed :



Here is the screenshot after « Italian » selection :


uTranslate for UbuntuTouch !

I decided to enter the Ubuntu App Showdown ! ( and

I plan to write a dictionary/translation app : « uTranslate ». The online engine will be provided by, thanks to their simple API ( and their support of OpenSource ( Maybe future versions  will handle other providers.

As the deadline is September 15th, it’s already a difficult task !
And I have to learn nearly everything : QML, QtComponents, Click Packages !…

Well, the good news is that the online engine already provides the expected behavior : I can concentrate on design & coding of client app.



Work on MRC Compose

MRC Compose is a Thunderbird extension that modify the address panel in the compose window. It replaces the default list by standards fields, where you can add several recipients separated by comma. With that, Thunderbird behaves just like all other email software…

mrc compose

I wrote this extension months ago (last version is from March 30, 2013). And since, some work has been done : Andreas Wagner kindly added LDAP support ! And last week, I refactored search code to have rock-solid searches (both local and LDAP).

There are still some few tasks in the TODO list, but I hope there’ll be a new version very soon.

You can check it :



Work on Sogo Connector

I had opportunity to work on SoGo Connector for Thunderbird in order to correct and enhance it :

The correction was related to a sync problem with IceWarp server, because of an info missing in the CardDAV spec (how to handle a specific empty response) (

And the enhancement was quite interesting : I added periodic sync and notifications ! For each remote addressBook, you can define sync&notifications properties.

Here is a screenshot :

Remote Address Book Properties_049

I sent the patch to Sogo devs ( I hope both patches will be integrated soon.