Ubuntu Touch : about the « Back » button

There is an interesting thread in the ubuntu-phone mailing list about the « back » button : https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg02260.html

Some early users are complaining that :

  • it’s not easy to discover (specially for new users),
  • it needs two taps

Several proposals have been made, but only described as text. I tried to make some proposals with more precise mockups :

1 – a « back » button as an overlay, with 2 variations


Pro : only one tap, very easy to discover
Cons : doesn’t respect the Ubuntu guideline : « no controls, just content »

2 – a back gesture


Pro : respect the Ubuntu guideline « no controls, just content », very similar to notification’s gesture
Cons : stil not very easy to discover

Finally, as each proposal is interesting while not being perfect, I think that Ubuntu touch may let the user decides which one he wants to use : it may be defined in settings :

The « back » behavior is implemented through :

  • a « back » button in the toolbar
  • a « back » button as an overlay
  • a back gesture from the bottom edge